28 agosto, 2014

R.I.P. Tom

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Unfortunately Tom died Sunday at night ):
Yesterday the University Veterinary Hospital called to make an appointment. Too late.
But at least he is in a very beautiful place now!
Thanks everyone for the wishes. Surely Tom is also thanking.

21 agosto, 2014

My hamsters

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This is the last Pita's photo. You can see the
tumor on her ear ):
Since I was a kid I always wanted a hamster, but my mom said "rats stink". I asked a thousand times and I gave up. So on my 16th birthday I asked again and to my surprise, my mother said "okay." I bought a pink cage and a small Chinese hamster. She was named Pita. Pita was very exciting. She jumped from the second floor of the cage like it was nothing. But she wasn’t eating much. I cleaned her cage once a week and rarely I had to put food for her twice. She was gentle and liked to walk around my room. I bought her in July and my boyfriend bought a boy in September to the next year. His name is Tom.
Last year, at the end of May I realized that Pita was thinning. She scratched his ear a lot. A few weeks later a small ball appeared inside the ear. I thought it was not serious because it looked like a cone like that when we grate the knee. In mid-June I realized that it wasn’t only a bruise. Pita was thin and the little ball turned a big ball. In Brazil a veterinarian who serves hamster charges a consultation around R$150/R$200. So I asked for help to a boy, he is a veterinary student. He said he would talk to the teacher and I sent him Pita’s pictures. The next day he answered me. He told me to buy a spray and an antibiotic. How it was July the University Veterinary Hospital was on vacation. The vet teacher only returned in August. Pita had a query and was free, but we had to wait two weeks.
This is Jujuba
Pita didn’t survive until her query. The remedies helped because I realized she wasn’t in pain, but the ball just grew. It was a tumor. She died on the coldest day of the year. She was by my side, curled up in my cardigan with a lamp to stay warm. I looked at her and she was looking at me. A few minutes later I went to look at her again and she was exactly the same. Then I realized she was dead with her eyes opened like she wanted to say “thank you, but now I need to go”. 
I was very sad, so that week my boyfriend took me on a farming to buy another hamster. I definitely felt better. Jujuba (in English Jelly Bean), my new hamster, decreased my sorrow. This year she made 1 year old. Pita died at 2. The life of a hamster is usually below 3 years old. Tom’s coming in the second. They (Tom and Jujuba) live with me and my boyfriend in Blumenau.
This is Tom
Yesterday were the day to clean the cages and when I got Tom I saw he's sick. One eye is all white and puffy and the other has a very small white spot. I guess that is cataract. Today I called the University Veterinary Hospital and I asked to an urgent care. The man said he will need to talk to the vet teacher, but he thinks they have a time next week and he will call me back to confirm. If it’s cataracts Tom'll become blind. Of course I don’t want it, but I'm hoping that it is, because I'll take care of him, blind or not. But if it is a tumor he will live only a few weeks.

I'm hoping for the best and praying that the vet will have time next week!

13 agosto, 2014


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Hello guys!

Today I decided to change my blog. Now I have a lot of cats here!
Do you like it?

12 agosto, 2014

15 years old

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I have many cousins ​​from my father because he has five sisters and one brother. My mother has only one brother and he has two daughters. The oldest is called Natália. I always had more contact with her because my grandmother lives with me and Natália always visits us at the weekend. She is four years old younger than me, and this year, in September, she's birthday: 15 years old.
I remember well my 15’s. Everything was easier. I was model those years (with 13, 14, 15 and 16 years old)… I remember it was very easy to lose weight! I took care with the food and went to the gym. I lost weight well. Today this is no longer true. People say its age. I gain weight anyway, with or without gym. I'm not overweight, but I can’t lose weight if I want.
I had many friends when I was 15. In my party that year I invited 72 people. And do you know the truth? I don’t speak with anyone. Some people because they are no longer my friends and others because they take different paths to college and work. It’s common to happen with all us, isn’t it? With 15 years old everything was “pink” for me: friends, modeling, lose weight, good grades at school. Now I just have good grades at school, two or three friends and my boyfriend. But it’s enough!
Now I can’t be model anymore because my hip has 95 cm. Models must have a maximum 90 cm. This frustrated me at first. I thought it was unfair because there are many models that are skinny and ugly. The fashion world prefer thin and ugly than pretty girls with more than 90 cm hip. Today I don’t care anymore.
But back to 15… In September is Natalia’s party. The party will be amazing. She invited me in August; I'll be one of the “bridesmaids”! And I never knew you can have “godmothers” for 15 years. Did you know? She handed me a piece of tissue. The tissue’s color it's a nude, almost a color of coffee-with-milk. This color should be the dress I'll wear. Last Saturday I rented a very nice dress with this color. After the party I post the pictures here on the blog!