27 setembro, 2013

Joke: guess who I was

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I was born in the USA;
I lived in Hollywood;
I was an actress;
I married three different people;
I was blonde and beautiful;
I died when I was thirty-six.

Who was I?

26 setembro, 2013

Maite Perroni s2

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La actriz y cantante Maite Perroni no será la protagonista de la telenovela "La Tempestad", producción de Salvador Mejía, al lado de William Levy e Iván Sánchez, pues la actriz desea dedicarse a la grabación de un álbum como solista.  Así lo difundió el portal de "People" en español, en donde se resalta que la "manager" de la ex RBD, Carolina Palomo, desmintió tal información que se propagó en las redes sociales. "No es verdad", aclaró Palomo, al agregar que "la realidad es que por ahora a Perroni le interesa más estar de pie frente a un micrófono, que estar en un set de telenovela. Maite viajará los primeros días de febrero a Nueva York. Allá grabará su disco". "Así que señoras y señores, está confirmado, hasta ahora, Levy no tiene damisela a quien besar, ni abrazar", dijo. En 2012, Maite protagonizó con Pedro Fernández la telenovela "Cachito de cielo" y también dio a conocer el sencillo "Te daré mi corazón", grabado en Los Ángeles, California, el cual estuvo a la venta por iTunes Store.
Fonte: La opinion

A mi me gusta mucho Maite Perroni y sus músicas, pero es una tristeza que no vá hacer la telenovela La Tempestad, por qué ella y Willian Levy hacen una pareja prefecta en las teles. Así como en Cuidado con el ángel. Ahora estoy vendo por Youtube, ya que en Brazil los capítulos se cortan y no puedo suportar la ansiedad!

18 setembro, 2013

Common Slang Terms

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As in every part of the world, Americans have developed certain oddities or slang terms in their everyday language. Regardless of how long you have studied English, you will hear and see word with which you are not familiar.

- It's going to be a blast! (It's going to be a lot of fun)
- Bomb (to be unsuccessful)
- Blue or have the blues (feel depressed)
- Born again (to hold strong, fundamentalist, Christian beliefs)
- Buddy (friend)
- Dude (a fashion man)
- Couch potato (a lazy person who spends a large amount of time, perhaps on a couch, watching television)
- Cram (to study frantically the night before the test)
Crash (to stay overnight in someone ele's dwelling, usually without notice or formal arrangement; to go to sleep after becoming extremely tired)
- Cut it out! (stop it!)
- Down in the dumps (depressed)
- Fire up (to get excited about something; to motivate)
- Go bananas (to be so excited than one loses control of oneself)
- Jerk (person who cannot do things correctly; a midly derogatory term)
- Jock (an athlete or athletic person, or one who is not very intelligent)
- John (another name for the toilet or bathroom facilities; head)
- Loosen up! (relax)
- Don't mess with me! (leave me alone)
- On the house (free, no cost)
- See eye-to-eye (having the same opinion)
- Shush! (be quiet, don't make so much noise)
- Slam (insult a person)
- Take a hike! (go away and leave me alone)
- Zero in on (to focus or concentrate on)
- Zonked or zonkered (completely exhausted)

12 setembro, 2013

German Spitz Dogs

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Hi everybody! Today I researched about German Spitz Dogs. I have one and her name is Naquy (all photos are hers). She has 12 years old and I love her a looooot! 

"Intelligent, busy and curious, the German Spitz is lovably independent. But it craves attention and playtime, sometimes responding by standing on its hind legs and barking happily.

What they are like to love with: 
The German Spitz can grow very attached to its owner, becoming slightly suspicious of strangers. This not only makes for a loyal, tried-and-true companion, it makes for a superb watchdog. The German Spitz can really belt-out the barks when a stranger approaches the house.

Things you should know: 
The German Spitz can live as long as 15 years with relatively few genetic health problems. They are fairly easy to groom, needing just a good brushing several times a week to prevent matting. The German Spitz needs daily exercise, but it will be happy with a little or a lot. If you’re a dedicated jogger, it will match your pace. If you prefer quiet walks around the block, the German Spitz will be happy with that as well.

German Spitz History: 

European Spitz-type dogs have been in existence for more than 6,000 years. Up until the 19th century, the adaptable German Spitz was bred to be a hunter, herder and watchdog. Over the years, different communities bred different types of Spitz dogs, including Giant German Spitz (for working, herding and guarding) and the Toy German Spitz (for companionship).

The look of a German Spitz:

Medium-sized, sturdy and fluffy with a slightly rounded, wedge-shaped head, straight muzzle and pointy ears, the German Spitz has a fox-like appearance. It has dark eyes with an alert and outgoing expression. Its coat is rough, profuse and puffy, while its feathered tail curls over the back. The German Spitz comes in many colors, but the most common are gray, orange, off-white, brown and black. Overall, the German Spitz has a proud and lively look."


05 setembro, 2013

About my office

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My office is in the centre of Ascurra, a little city. I’m a secretary and my duties are answering the phone, talking to people and sending/reading emails. I have five colleagues and I like my boss. My office isn’t noisy, because Ascurra is too calm. I don’t have freedom there, because I don’t work in a private office, I work with my colleagues. I have a desk and there is a phone, a computer, an agenda and there are papers. The view is beautiful, because I can see the nature and it makes me calm sometimes. I go to work at 7 a.m. and I work six hours a day. I’m not so busy, but I have a lot of things to do every day. There are a lot of distractions, because the phone is always ringing and I don’t like when my colleagues don’t answer it fast. The best thing in my office is my colleagues, because they are my friend and it’s good to work this way. I like my office and my job very much!

Armed (political) conflict

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BAGHDAD — Abu Mohaned spent Tuesday night washing the bodies of victims of that evening’s car bombs, preparing them for burial. When a couple of roadside bombs went off the next day, he did the same thing. (The New York Times)

I really don't understand the world and people! Why do we make war? Nowadays nobody has to make war, we live in a democratic world! But no... Some people want to appear in the media. When we talk about Syria and Iraq automatically we think about war. When will these places have peace? Never? Instead of making peace and solving the problems like civilized people, they prefer to fight and to kill a lot of innocent beings! Politics in the world today is ridiculous.
What will happen to us tomorrow?


01 setembro, 2013


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Boa tarde,
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Good afternoon,
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