27 maio, 2014

What's the color?

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I finally finished reading the ten books of the Princess Diaries. And I'm not disagreeing! The movie is even wacky. I don’t know why, in my opinion, the filmmakers decided to destroy the story. Several things can’t be explained as:
- in the book Mia’s cat is orange, in the movie he is black and white;
- in the book Mia’s father has a disease, in the second movie he's dead; 
- in the movie Mia’s grandmother is a love, in the book she’s not it;
- in the book Mia's bodyguard is called Lars, in the movie his name is Joe;
- in the book Mia’s love is Michael, in the movie is Nicholas.

This is my cats: Farofa and Britney, respectively. Do you confuse the colors? I don't think so!

But I loved the end of the book. It was exactly what I imagined. Mia and Michael get together! I tried to search something about this big mess between the book and the movie, but I didn’t find. For me, to change the cat’s color and really delete Michael (one of the main characters) was terrible. So I can write here the books are better than the movie! As always! Or do you know some movie is better than the book?

20 maio, 2014


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Exactly one year and one day ago I was coming back from the beach when I received the news you had gone to the hospital. Well, I didn’t worry so much, because grandfathers are our heroes and heroes are always strong. I knew I’d see you soon and I’d hear you complaining about the medical care, the remedies that you’d have to take, we were going to laugh all this and for your stubbornness you were already going to work. But it didn’t happen. Then, the next day I received the news that nobody in the world wants to receive. But I still don’t know to define this kind of feeling, because day after day, even passed the three hundred sixty-five days of the year, for me, you're still alive. It seems that when the weekend comes from, I feel I’m going to visit you and you’ll be there with your dark pants, light shirt, the same hat ever and, of course, the good humor that only a grandfather can have. I honestly can’t remember seeing you angry. That's how I’ll always remember you: smiling... And I know that your smile is the brightest star in the sky.

15 maio, 2014

Books, books and more books

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I'll tell you a secret: I have an addiction for books. And how many people I also have a dream: to have a big library in my house. I love reading. I like romance, comedy, drama and a bit of suspense. I don’t like thriller. I tried to read a thriller book when I was about 12 years old and I never more interested in it. I like books cliches like the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and the Princess Diaries.
The first book I read was Lassie Come Home and I was very young to face a big book! I was still in elementary school with 11 years old. That's how I started to enjoy reading: reading dog’s books. A while later I read Marley and Me. Then I read maaaaany books…  I have nearly a hundred books at home and when I was at high school (two years ago) I always went to the library’s school. Now I don’t go anymore because in my college they don’t allow you enter with your bag. You have to leave your things in a lockable cupboard. The problem is that last year I discovered something: any key opens any closet. In that day I had a key and, unintentionally, I opened the wrong cupboard. I only understood when I opened the cupboard and I saw that it was empty. Then I looked at the key number and the number of the closet and they weren’t the same! After that day I never left my things in the closet. I think they are trying to change the system. But since that day I almost never go to the library, so, I really don't know about it anymore!
I buy books from a bookstore called Livraria do Sebo. It’s a bookstore with used books and the prices are the best! Today I bought seven books for R$48,00 with free shipping. For you understand $1,00 corresponds to R$2,21. I don’t know how much cost the books in other countries, but in Brazil, to buy one new book you need at least R$50.

The books I bought are:

1. Huck: a História de um Cachorrinho Que Ensinou Lições Sobre Esperança (Portuguese)
2. Princesa: Mia (Portuguese)
3. A Princesa no Limite (Portuguese)
4. A Cabana (Portuguese)
5. Cat Among the Pigeons (English)
6. Angels & Demons (English)
7. Infância (Portuguese)

It will be a great challenge for me to read Angels & Demons in English. But I know it will help me to learn more English! 

09 maio, 2014


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In Blumenau the town hall and Seterb launched an amazing and very cute campaign!
On the first day the campaign began, I went to work and I've seen the board of a Border Collie near the semaphore. I thought it was a campaign for the animals. Then, I saw that the dog holds a plaque "The pedestrian’s best friend - Respect the crosswalk". So, at night I saw the advertisement on TV. "The goal of our campaign is, mainly, to encourage people to use the crosswalk. In 2013, Blumenau recorded 205 roadkill and, this year, only from January to April, 53 accidents have occurred as well. Of these, 38 occurred when people were in the crosswalk and, in total, two of which died. We want to alert and attentive people to do their part in traffic" explained ChistéI loved the campaign. I think if they hadn’t done it with a dog, it doesn’t call much attention. After all, if you're walking down the street and see something like this, you probably will want to know about! In the first days many people were frightened. I saw some people stopping to read the yellow nameplate. The ad was very well done. Because it's true: people don’t expect the green light to cross the road. They think it will “take time” and run in front of cars. When I'm on the motorcycle with my boyfriend, we have to take care because if traffic is slow, people come from all sides trying to cross the street.According to the website SBT, nine thousand people die each year in roadkill in Brazil and one reason is the insufficient time to stay open the pedestrian traffic lights: only 38 seconds. When I cross the street from my apartment and college, I have to cross two crosswalks. The second is opened just about 15 seconds. Of course, that’s why, the university risk their lives crossing the street at the red light. I also saw in Blog do Jaime than May is a reference to transit actions, because in 2011 the United Nations (UN) declared the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020). Well, I hope the vandals don’t ruin this beautiful art that the town city and Seterb had the great idea of ​​creating. It's great to see that politics works in this city! And the photo is from Blog do Jaime!

Have a look in the video... Is the dog a good actor, isn't he?