22 julho, 2014


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Maybe we are close to having a new economic crisis. Of course not as big as the 1920’s. Do you have many coins in your purse? Do you have a fat piggy at home? In my case no. I even have one piggy, but there is only a shirt button.
Another day I went to the supermarket to buy a few things. As usual I always use the food card. My company pays this card. I gain as worth R$250 per month in this card and it can only be used on the market to buy food. When I showed the card to the man, he smiled and said: “Coins?” Then I showed him the card again and he said: “You can shoot the value with coins. Do you have coins? We don’t. And we really need.”
The man told me that this year more than half of purchases are paid by credit or debit card. This is a big problem for all commerce. So, all employees ask (or should ask) the customers if they have coins. He told that there are few people who have and those that have, have few. I had forty-five cents. It seems very little, but if all people can exchange a few coins, in the end the supermarket will have many.

09 julho, 2014

Good morning Brazil (?)

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Good morning to the Brazilian people that wake up sad today. The “washed” was terrible yesterday. I've never really followed a World Cup. I watched this only because I had nothing else to do. Really. I never liked soccer. I was afraid of physical education class at school. I didn’t play anything, then people made ​​fun of me. But anyway…
"I just wanted to give joy to my people who are
suffering so much for so many things, I wanted
to apologize." (David Luiz)
What foreigners remember when someone talks about Brazil? Pelé and Gisele Bundchen?  Yes, and that's our biggest reality. Brazilian girls grow up wanting to be models and Brazilian boys grow up wanting to be soccer players. This way, fashion and soccer only grow in our country. And that's not shameful, no child's dream is shameful. That’s why the defeat yesterday was so sad. On the one hand, the political side, it was good. Dilma and their "sheep" deserved this defeat and I pay tribute to them all seven German’s goals. But then the children cry. Anyone who watched the game saw that they really cry.
What not to miss in the media is the jokes. Some people are giving thanks to God everything turned out. Some people think that the money spent on Cup could be invested in hospitals and schools. It is clear that Brazil needs hospitals and schools. But with or without Cup, more hospitals and schools wouldn’t exist anyway.
I remember when my school class earned money to go on an exchange to Italy. My school was private. In the same year the public school asked for a library and they didn’t win. Can you imagine the revolt of the city? But we had nothing to do with it. The politicians who didn’t want to give money for the library. With or without our trip it wouldn’t change the decision. Our country is corrupt. Education doesn’t matter for politicians. Neither health. Unfortunately. I'm not the type of person who does demonstrations of anger on the streets. I'm working and studying all day just to not depend on politicians of my country. 
I was sad for the Cup. Seven goals is a shame. Neymar and Thiago Silva couldn’t play. Of course that made ​​the difference. But it was sad. Is sad because a large country was so united and cheerful… Because a suffering people can twist while they have to pay taxes until to drink water. I think this is amazing. It's amazing how the colors of the flag are everywhere. And now that dream is over. Of course it was deserved to Germany. They played very well. Congratulations! David Luiz has nothing to apologize. He is and still will be an idol for dreamy children.
As they say: if Brazil lost the World Cup, Dilma loses the elections. Now is just wait for the second part, the best. But I doubt this wonderful thing will happen.