03 junho, 2014

Oral Presentation

Postado por Camila Rafaela Felippi às 6/03/2014 04:04:00 PM
Last week my teacher gave to my class a difficult homework:  make a presentation in English in front of the class. I really don’t have problems with presentations because of my High School. But it changes when I have to change my language.  It’s easy to speak in Portuguese, because even I don’t know well the subject, I can improve. But in my second language it’s not so easy.
We could choose a subject involving Business. We have at least 5 minutes and no more than 7 minutes, but without readings, no way! I searched a lot and I decided to speak about Public Speak. What could be better? I found a good and easy text to study. The title is: “6 Things You Should Never Say During a Speech” by Jacqueline Whitmore.

I’ll explain it:
When you’re new to public speaking, it can be difficult to say everything you want to say. That’s why a lot of people never want to speak on public. But, in true, the content of the speech is often less important than how you present it. When we attend presentations by speakers who appear calm, confident and organized, we feel more interested. Even if you’re nervous, it’s better to act confident and to try to not reveal your true feelings. The trick is to stay as calm as possible and to try to do your best.
1. One thing you shouldn’t say during a presentation is “Hello? Can everyone hear me?” A lot of new speakers will tap the microphone and ask if the people can hear them. In Brazil we say “Alô, testando, 1,2,3…”. If you’re speaking at a large conference, there’s a good chance that someone in the audiovisual department already checked the audio. But it’s always a good idea to check it before you go to speak. You shouldn’t think that your equipment will or won’t work correctly. Arrive early to check everything out so you will be better prepared.
2. Other thing is “Are you out there? These lights are bright.” When you’re on stage, the lights can be very strong and you become blind, but no one needs to know you can’t see anyone. Just speak into the dark and give the best presentation you can. Alternate where you direct your attention to give everyone the impression you’re looking right at them.
3. Never start your presentation with an excuse like “They only invited me yesterday” or “I didn’t have much time to prepare”. The people listening to your presentation are expecting you to do your best, independently of how you feel or how much time you’ve had to prepare. If you don’t have a lot of time to practice, choose a topic that’s familiar to you. If you don’t feel well, keep calm and stay hydrated.
4. “In the future, I plan to…” If your new product is still in production, try not to tell anyone. Your plans could change. Most new products and ideas will change and evolve based on new information and feedback. Tell about your new designs, products and offers when they’re ready. Most people don’t want to hear about your hopes for the next five years. They only want to hear about what is available to them right now.
5. Don’t use “Um,” “uh,” “you know,” and “like.” Using these words often takes away from the effectiveness of your presentation. They are also distracting and make you sound unsure about what you’re going to say next. Try pausing if you have to think of the right word. Or tell a story. This words oftentimes vanish when you get involved telling a story. Besides, people will remember a good story after they’ve heard you speak. Not be nervous thinking in what your boss, colleagues or family will think about what you say wrong. Be calm and do your best.  
6. “Hmm, the font is small.  Let me read this slide for you.” A visual presentation full of words is boring. Use pictures, short phrases and bullet points are ideal. Try not to read your slides. Everyone came to see you speak, to share your ideas, not hear you read. Any visuals you choose to bring should only serve to make better your speech. Remember, people came to see you, not your PowerPoint presentation.

The presentation is today at night! I know the subject. Now it’s time to stay calm and I hope everything will be ok!

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the dogs' mother on 6/03/2014 4:32 PM disse...

Good luck!!

anne marie in philly on 6/03/2014 8:17 PM disse...

bonne chance!

Pat Hatt on 6/03/2014 8:24 PM disse...

Good luck indeed at your feed. I HATED presentations for class as they were always about stupid things I didn't care about.

Lisa Isabella Russo on 6/03/2014 8:55 PM disse...

I hope your presentation goes wonderfully! Great tips and advice for public speaking! Wonderful and thoughtful post.

SG on 6/03/2014 9:51 PM disse...

Wish you all the best. Break a leg Tiger.

Christine on 6/03/2014 11:48 PM disse...

Good luck, what great tips!

Gail Dixon on 6/03/2014 11:54 PM disse...

I do hope your presentation went well tonight. You had many good tips here!

Nal Pontes on 6/04/2014 9:37 PM disse...

Oi Camila, eu não vim ontem aqui para te desejar boa sorte. Mas pelo texto aqui e como vc se expressa. Sei que vc se saiu muito bem. Então sei que posso te dar os parabéns, tmb pelas dicas. Muito bom. A musica q vc falou no meu cantinho eu também conheço até cantava no coral jovem de minha ig. Clik num desses link abaixo. que vc vai ouvir novamente. Aquela que postei nunca tinha ouvido antes, coloquei porque gostei dos pequenos cantando. Bjssss
http://youtu.be/a1-y2DSX1Kg - https://www.youtube.com

Nal Pontes on 6/04/2014 9:39 PM disse...

Há, depois conta como foi lá na faculdade. bjsss

Tracy Terry on 6/06/2014 8:46 AM disse...

So brave of you, its not a thing I've been called on to do very often - thank goodness - but my nerves really do get the better of me when I find myself in this situation.

Here's hoping all went well, I'm sure it will have done.

Lady Lilith on 6/09/2014 3:11 PM disse...

I am sure you will be an amazing speaker You seem to have a clear well though out plan.

sarah on 6/26/2014 2:52 AM disse...

I think you must have done a wonderful speech. Thank you for nice information of public speech. Calmness and confidence are important.
By the way, you two in the snow mountain are great, the snowfall is very effective.
Have a nice day!

Carole M. on 8/13/2014 4:24 AM disse...

wow... you're going places! 19 and you write this so well

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