21 março, 2014

Happy Birthday Naquy!

Postado por Camila Rafaela Felippi às 3/21/2014 05:02:00 PM
Hello people!

I'm back. Today is a very special day. It's Naquy's birthday.
Now she is 13 years old. I'll tell you her story...
When I was about 5 or 6 years old I got my first dog: Alteza. Her breed was German Spitz. Alteza  was electric, she jumped and ran from one side to the other without stopping. The problem was this: jump. My house has two floors. Alteza made ​​a habit of jumping out the second floor of my house. Until one day, when she jumped, a car ran over her. I was very young at the time and I didn't understand what was happening. My mother was very sad. So, in the next day my father bought Naquy (Alteza's sister). Naquy was very different from Alteza: Naquy is quiet, calm and sleepy. Of course she also ran and played with me a lot. What Naquy liked a lot was caring for puppies (little cats, rabbits and hens). One day we found a boyfriend for Naquy. He called Fofinho. Then they had a baby. The pregnancy was difficult for Naquy. On the day of birth she was weak. My mother and me took her to the vet. There she took some medicine and her baby was born. His name is Peteleco. At first it was only joy, but after, Naquy started getting sick. So Peteleco went to live with his father.
The time was passing and Naquy only got worse. We didn't know why and worst: the vets didn't know too. We thought she was going to die. Naquy couldn't eat, drink water and couldn't stand alone. Until a veterinarian discovered the problem. She has a bone disease. After a few months of treatment Naquy began to improve. She didn't fully healed. Their front paws were pies.
Actually Naquy still has legs pies, but she created corns and can walk a little. She doesn't feels pain anymore because she takes medicine every day. Today is her birthday. Naquy really is my sister and I love her a lot. I'm happy because she's with me now and I hope she will be for maaaaaaaaaaaaany time!

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SG on 3/21/2014 8:07 PM disse...

Please convey my happy birthday wishes to dear Naquy. Hope she recovers fully soon.

Lisa Isabella Russo on 3/24/2014 5:36 PM disse...

What a sweet little one! Many happy birthday wishes to her. I am glad you have each other!

Gail Dixon on 3/24/2014 6:08 PM disse...

Sweet little pup!! Hope the treatments work on Naquy!

Nal Pontes on 3/25/2014 7:19 AM disse...

Longa vida para a Naquy linda cachorrinha, Que bom que os veterinários descobriu o que ela tinha. Camila amei sua visita e sua volta aqui. Parabéns pelos estudos desejo só sucesso nesta nova etapa de sua vida e saúde para a sua mãe, que vc e ela continuem lendo a Bíblia. bjsssss

Lady da Paz on 3/26/2014 1:10 PM disse...

Parabéns ela é muito linda..
Deixo meu carinho.

Tracy Terry on 3/27/2014 1:44 PM disse...

Happy birthday Naquy' and here's to many more happy years.

KK on 3/28/2014 11:05 AM disse...

Doesn't matter if it is a human or an animal or just some thing, when it is with you, it is family.

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