18 setembro, 2013

Common Slang Terms

Postado por Camila Rafaela Felippi às 9/18/2013 10:38:00 AM
As in every part of the world, Americans have developed certain oddities or slang terms in their everyday language. Regardless of how long you have studied English, you will hear and see word with which you are not familiar.

- It's going to be a blast! (It's going to be a lot of fun)
- Bomb (to be unsuccessful)
- Blue or have the blues (feel depressed)
- Born again (to hold strong, fundamentalist, Christian beliefs)
- Buddy (friend)
- Dude (a fashion man)
- Couch potato (a lazy person who spends a large amount of time, perhaps on a couch, watching television)
- Cram (to study frantically the night before the test)
Crash (to stay overnight in someone ele's dwelling, usually without notice or formal arrangement; to go to sleep after becoming extremely tired)
- Cut it out! (stop it!)
- Down in the dumps (depressed)
- Fire up (to get excited about something; to motivate)
- Go bananas (to be so excited than one loses control of oneself)
- Jerk (person who cannot do things correctly; a midly derogatory term)
- Jock (an athlete or athletic person, or one who is not very intelligent)
- John (another name for the toilet or bathroom facilities; head)
- Loosen up! (relax)
- Don't mess with me! (leave me alone)
- On the house (free, no cost)
- See eye-to-eye (having the same opinion)
- Shush! (be quiet, don't make so much noise)
- Slam (insult a person)
- Take a hike! (go away and leave me alone)
- Zero in on (to focus or concentrate on)
- Zonked or zonkered (completely exhausted)

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Mai on 9/18/2013 12:08 PM disse...

EU AMO CCA *------------------*
e vc ta gostando???

gostei do seu blog e posta em español também #ficaadica

Ana Juuuuuuuulia on 9/18/2013 1:21 PM disse...

Boa tarde, é verdade, todas as línguas tem seus mistérios, hihi. ta muito cute aqui, congradulations e good look com seu blog ;)

Liz Albuquerque on 9/19/2013 9:20 AM disse...

lol cute post <3

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