05 setembro, 2013

Armed (political) conflict

Postado por Camila Rafaela Felippi às 9/05/2013 03:38:00 PM

BAGHDAD — Abu Mohaned spent Tuesday night washing the bodies of victims of that evening’s car bombs, preparing them for burial. When a couple of roadside bombs went off the next day, he did the same thing. (The New York Times)

I really don't understand the world and people! Why do we make war? Nowadays nobody has to make war, we live in a democratic world! But no... Some people want to appear in the media. When we talk about Syria and Iraq automatically we think about war. When will these places have peace? Never? Instead of making peace and solving the problems like civilized people, they prefer to fight and to kill a lot of innocent beings! Politics in the world today is ridiculous.
What will happen to us tomorrow?


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Alicia Davis on 9/05/2013 3:51 PM disse...

Hi Camila I'm fine and u? Thanks 4 your visit!!!! I don't know what can happen 2 us, because the destination is a danger.

Have a good week, xoxo!!!

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