18 novembro, 2013

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Who said?
1. I have an appointment with Olivia Gonzalez - Visitor
2. Can you sign here, please? - Receptionist
3. This is your visitor's pass - Receptionist
4. Please take a seat - Receptionist
5. Ms Gonzalez will be right down - Receptionist
6. Nice to see you again – Host or Visitor
7. Did you find us OK? - Visitor
8. Would you like a coffee? – Host or Receptionist
9. Let me show you round - Host
10. Let me introduce you to Diego - Host

Camila: Good morning. I have an appointment with Tonny Lewis.
Recepcionist: What’s your name?
Camila: My name is Camila.
Recepcionist: Ok! Can you sign here, please?
Camila: Yes!
Recepcionist: Thanks. This is your visitor’s pass. Please, take a seat, I will call Mr. Lews.
Camila: That’s right.
Lewis: Good morning Camila, nice to meet you again.
Camila: Good morning! Nice to meet you again too Mr. Lewis.
Lewis: Did you find us OK?
Camila: Yes. The location is easy to find.
Lewis: That’s great! Would you like a coffee?
Camila: No, thanks. I can’t drink milk, so, I rarely drink coffee.
Lewis: Oh, ok! Let me show you round.
Camila: Yes, let’s go!
Lewis: Well… There are three of my employees. They work with finances. And this is my secretary. Let me introduce you to her.
Secretary: Good morning Mr. Lewis!
Lewis: Good morning Blair, this is my visitor Camila. Camila, this is my secretary Blair.
Secretary: Nice to meet you Camila.
Camila: Nice to meet you too Blair.
Secretary: Are you enjoying to visit the company?
Camila: Yes, I am.
Lewis: So, let’s see the other things.
Camila: Mr. Lewis, does your company sell abroad?
Lewis: Yes, we do. And we want to buy things abroad too, but it will be in the future.
Camila: Where do you  sell your products?
Lewis: Portugal, France, England, Spain and Italy.
Camila: It’s a lot of countries! What do you sell?
Lewis: We sell mechanical products like rollers and screwdrivers.
Camila: And what will you buy outside?
Lewis: Feedstock. We are searching for  the best price.
Camila: Good luck!
Lewis: Thanks! So, this is the Administration and on the left  it is the HR.
Camila: It must be a good place to work.
Lewis: Yes, it is. And that’s the production. We have a lot of employees.
Camila: How many?
Lewis: Two hundred and four.
Camila: Uau… Production is really important.
Lewis: Yes! I think  it is …
Camila: Thanks to show me your company. It’s really a good place to work. Success!
Lewis: Thank you for your attention! 

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Ana Juuuuuuuulia on 11/18/2013 3:42 PM disse...

You are so polite!

Alicia Davis on 11/18/2013 3:45 PM disse...

I think you should be a good secretary Camila. Good look with your future!
And don't forget: always be you!

Nal Pontes on 11/19/2013 9:07 AM disse...

Escovar os dentes prá branquinhos e limpinhos ficar.rsrsrsrs
tem festa aqui. http://nalpontes2.blogspot.com.br/

Tracy Terry on 11/20/2013 12:57 PM disse...

Lovely to meet you. Good luck with your studies, I'm sure you'll do well.

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