08 novembro, 2013

Sylvanian Families

Postado por Camila Rafaela Felippi às 11/08/2013 07:35:00 AM
Sylvanian Families is a line of collectible animal figurines. They are made of plastic and really cute. It`s sooooo cute! But it`s a pitty because of the price: expensive. I want to buy the whole collection because I love it. I always love and will love animals.
Have a look:

On the website (here) you can see all the pets. There are categories like: Family Life, Fashion Life, Homes, Shopping, Transport, etc. Some products don`t have the price, because some items aren`t available. I saw the families first time about two months ago and I fell in love...
I think if you buy online, you can pay less than at the shops. In Brazil the prices are almost the same. Maybe I will buy a little dog or cat or bunny or... (omg, I want everything!).
A house like this costs about £50, £60. It`s a little
expensive, but there are perfect details 

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Dana on 11/08/2013 12:59 PM disse...

Those are adorable! I think I've seen them—or something similar—over here.

Have a great weekend!

Leovi on 11/08/2013 1:02 PM disse...

Sí, son muy bonitos pero bastante caros. En España normalmente decimos témpera para estas pinturas al agua. Yo intenté expresarme con la pintura pero me sentía muy limitado, pues nunca fui capaz de dominarla. La fotografía fue mi gran descubrimiento expresivo!

Lisa Isabella Russo on 11/08/2013 7:40 PM disse...

Oh my gosh! These are so cute! I love animals too and these are adorable...

Nal Pontes on 11/09/2013 6:22 PM disse...

Lindos e fofinhos essas familinha de animais. Amei! bjsss

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